Patch notes for the Gang Beasts 0.2.2 'unstable' alpha build

4th April 2015

List of fixes / modifications in the 0.2.2 build

  • fixed a mouse input mapping issue*
  • added a transparent layer behind the custom input mapping modal window (to make it clear that the 'back' button is temporarily disabled during the current input mapping sequence)
  • lowered the kill volume in the ‘grind’ stage to make escaping less difficult
  • add height fog in 'grind’ stage
  • added grab targets to the side of the roof building and roof access structure in the ‘waves’ mode prototype (to support climbing on the structure and climbing back to the roof surface from a hanging posture)
  • renamed the label string for the game settings from ‘options’ to ‘settings’
  • modified the menu to return focus to the ’start’ menu item of the ‘prototype’ menu screen when exiting from the ‘prototype’ game mode
  • postponed smoothing function until after opening frame of stages passes (to track randomness of character spawning positions without irregular camera transitions)

    *if mouse input mapping is still not possible after updating to the 0.2.2 build, please remove Gang Beasts from your Steam library and reinstall

Information on switching to / from 'stable' and 'unstable' branches

To download 'unstable' alpha build of Gang Beasts right-click on the game name on the Steam library page and select 'Properties' from the dialogue window that opens, from this window select the 'BETAS' tab then the 'unstable' option from the dropdown menu (the menu labelled 'Select the beta you would like to opt into:' (to revert back to the last 'stable' branch select 'NONE- Opt out of all beta programs' from the same menu).

For reference switching between 'unstable' and 'stable' branches of the game can force the selected build to download to the Steam client.

Gang Beasts is an Early Access game that is currently in uninterrupted development, the 0.1.x and 0.2.x builds have bugs, partially implemented gameplay content and mechanics (please see the Steam Early Access FAQ at for more information).