Patch notes for the Gang Beasts 0.2.4 'unstable' alpha build

8th May 2015

We have made a number of significant modifications and fixes for the 0.2.4 build over the last three weeks, specifically fixing the joint instability (that made character, wire, and rope physics erratic or rigid, and stages built with configurable joints that break without the fixes to joint stability). There is still a small number of modifications that need to be made to the 'trucks', 'wheel', 'buoy', and 'vents' stages to make them playable but expect to restore some or all of the 0.1.5a stages omitted from the 0.1.5a build in the next 'unstable' build later this month (build 0.2.5).

The 0.2.4 build has a new 'random' mode, restores the 'endless' mode from previous builds, and a glut of new audio and music including new music for the 'ring', 'gondola', 'incinerator', and 'subway stages.

We are continuing to work on new stages and character costumes, we posted some tests on the Boneloaf and Gang Beasts Vine, Twitter, and YouTube accounts in the last hour (see Vine[], Twitter, and YouTube).

List of additions, modifications, and fixes made in the 0.2.4 'unstable' build.

  • added an 'endless' mode to the 'versus' game mode
  • added a 'random' stage selection mode to the 'versus' game mode (stages can now be set to load in random sequence)
  • added audio samples that trigger when characters lose i.e. characters vocalise their malcontent when removed from the mêlée
  • added laughter audio sample sets that trigger when a character (or characters) are expelled from the mêlée
  • added a basic animation to make characters jiggle when laughing
  • added contextual concussion audio sample sets (that trigger when a character is concussed)
  • added a contextual impact sound (that triggers when a character takes a concussive blow)
  • added contextual object and rope breaking sound sets
  • added contextual character vocalisations (that trigger when characters are in close proximity to breaking objects)
  • added individual volume settings for 'music', 'interface', 'vocals', 'physics', 'ambience', and the 'master' volume level (removed the music on/off setting from the settings menu)
  • added per character footfall audio sample sets
  • added a Cat Kigurumi costume
  • modified head and body samples to make them more impactful
  • modified the music playback system to transitions music tracks when a character (or characters) are removed from the mêlée (currently only implemented for the 'containers','subway' and 'incinerator' stages)
  • modified the 'prototype' prefix in the 'prototypes' menu to explicitly reference the specific prototype category (e.g. 'game mode', 'stage' etc.) in preparation for adding new game modes, stages, and game mechanics
  • modified the wires in the 'gondola' stage to make them breakable and more supple
  • modified the wires on the 'containers' stage joint type to make them more stable
  • modified the the tie and fez character assets to make them less erratic
  • modified the forces acting on characters to make specific character movement less rigid modified the thresholds for damage and concussions to make immediate concussions less frequent
  • fixed an issue that triggered playback of incorrect collision sounds for specific body parts (for example a characters head colliding with an object or surface could trigger sets of sound recordings made for body part collisions)
  • fixed an issue that incorrectly played 3D sounds in 2D space
  • fixed an issue that triggered cascades of infectious laughter between characters
  • fixed an issue with joint axes that could make character ropes and physics simulations erratic
  • fixed a series of issues that could stop game modes from processing stage transitions
  • fixed an issue that could make set costumes to have the invalid colour sets


geometry and pitch of grab targets (used to assist with climbing) need to be standardised general UV and baking issues need to be fixed for multiple scenes


rope implementation needs modifying to remove / minimise breaks in rope surface


gondola platforms need to be set to a position further from the building


railing geometry needs need modifing and made breakable collider geometry for grind wheels need modifying


railing geometry need modifying and made breakable conveyor implementation need modifying glass panes need to be made breakable colours need modifying (to approximate previous versions of the stage) scene needs populating with shelving and small physics objects (as per previous versions of the stage)


elevators need to be made functional escalator models need adding and configuring widths of train tracks need to be narrowed (and sleeper geometry needs adding)


stage needs adding to 'versus' mode scene needs populating with stable versions of trucks


stage needs adding to 'versus' mode


stage needs adding to 'versus' mode buoyancy needs making less erratic


stage needs adding to 'versus' mode railing geometry needs modified


modified course with scaled apparatus and modified weights needs adding modified ropes implementation needs adding (to make ropes more supple) 'sound stage' scene and associated assets needs adding ball pit needs adding win scenario needs modifying to wait for all competitor to finish before ending start positions need standardising


joint implementation for car structure needs modifying (to make specific joints break when specific car body parts have sufficient levels of damage) other breakable objects