Patch notes for the Gang Beasts 0.5.3 beta

15th February 2017

We have pushed a patch release in the last hour to address issues identified with the 0.5.3 build (published yesterday), the list of modifications and fixes made in the 0.5.3p1 beta build are:

patched an issue that stopped local games from ending on the vents stage if the game is set for more than 1 win
 fixed an issue that made the waves game inaccessible
 fixed an issue that stopped the forces on the vents stage from pushing or pulling characters when the fan blades are spinning Patch notes for the Gang Beasts 0.5.3 beta (published Wednesday 15 February 2017) Since the 0.5.2 build was published last month we have been working with Coatsink to patch keys issues introduced in recent builds and recent versions of Unity and are publishing the first batch of optimisations, fixes, and other modifications in the 0.5.3 beta.

The 0.5.3 build has numerous bug and stability fixes but we are still working to fix issues with the multiplayer camera, vents glitches, costume exploits and conflicts, inconsistencies with lift forces and concussion times and expect to push these fixes to Steam for testing in coming builds.

We have also started work on a full rebuild of the UI, localising for multiple languages, and a more standardised testing process (with additional resources working with us to identify and fix issues).

The list of modifications and fixes made in the 0.5.3 beta builds are:

added online support for the vents stage

  • fixed a number of controller input issues on the pause menu

  • optimised / modified the vents stage to stabilise fan animations and standardise timings

  • fixed a server issue that erroneously shows the “you took too long to load” message

  • fixed a server issue that made loading screens dismiss prematurely

  • fixed a server issue that made the server connection process repeat if many players connect to an empty server concurrently

  • fixed an issue with the localisation parser that would crash the client if a stage is won by a player with a less than (<) data-preserve-html-node="true" character before a greater than (>) character in their SteamID

  • added a setting for finding the currently available microphone to the audio menu

  • fixed an issue that shows the failed entitlement messaging in error

  • fixed an issue that stops the scores from increment on the incinerator stage

  • fixed some railing issues on vents

  • modified the camera for the trucks stage (stop or cycle orbit direction with the inputs mapped to left and right camera input)

  • modified the ordering scheme for selecting from saved costumes

  • modified the saved costume implementation to not save non-customised characters (to stop duplicate copies of non-customised characters from saving)

  • modified the game sound to fade out when the stage ends

  • modified the character preview implementation on the costume customisation screen to stabilise character physics when replacement costume parts are cycled

  • modified the coin screen animations to reduce the time it is shown on screen 

  • modified the default volume level for SFX

  • modified the music and other audio for the containers, elevators, ring, towers, and wheel

  • modified the quick join debug messaging to reduce the number of text strings on screen

  • modified the server and client processes for monitoring scene loading (to avoid contexts that stall connecting clients at the stage loading screen)

  • temporarily added an online timer to force rounds to end after 5 minutes have passed (the timer will be replaced with stage escalations at a later stage of development)

Please note the 0.5.3 beta build replaces the default 0.5.2 and ”unstable" 0.5.2 beta builds for server compatibilty (moving between the default and “unstable” builds on Steam will download the same 0.5.3 beta build)