Roses are Red, Violets are Violet (Gang Beasts Valentine’s Update)

If you like Piña Coladas and getting caught in hazardous industrial machinery you should try the new and improved MeatTel. Online Matching Services 2.0 (MOMS 2.0), let MOMS optimised algorithms sort through the offal and offcuts to find you some prime international beefs on Valentine’s Day.


Come to Beef City, the City of Eternal Beef this Valentine’s and visit the coast lighthouse for a romantic break and fall head over heels into panes of broken glass and collapsing safety railings wearing an fashionable selection of sentimental heart and love influenced costume parts.

Information on Gang Beasts Valentine's Update

The Gang Beasts Valentine’s update (build 1.0.4) is available now as a free download for PS4, Windows, macOS, and Steam supported Linux platforms (SteamOS and Ubuntu), the update has a new lighthouse stage, a series of Valentine’s themed costume parts (a small gift to the Gang Beasts community for their patience and support on the anniversary of the release of the 0.0.0 public pre-alpha builds of the game).

The key feature of the Valentine’s update is a significantly revised matching service built to optimise and scale the capacity of official game servers and host a high number of concurrent online game sessions than previous iterations but the update also has a number of other modifications, optimisations, and fixes made to menus, stages, costumes, messaging (see the list of key modifications and fixes at the end of this post for information).

Some inconsistencies with the stability of matching services is expected in the next hour as Coatsink transitions the game to use the revised online matching services and scale server capacity.

Information on support and post-launch content

Since Gang Beasts left Steam Early Access and was released for PS4 in mid-December we have been working with Double Fine and Coatsink to monitor, optimise, and patch online matching services, address limitations with the current online session matching scheme[1], and identify and fix stubborn release issues.

We’re are also working to make more documentation, development, support, and FAQ information available on the Gang Beasts site but please email if you have game issues or questions not currently addressed on the game FAQ page; please see the @MeatTelecom page on Twitter for server status and server maintenance announcements for the Gang Beasts Online Multiplayer Servers.

Currently we are working on game content for a series of planned updates, information on specific post-launch content (stages, game modes, costumes, VR support, and other features) will be published in subsequent posts in the coming months as the work and testing on specific post launch content ends.

[1] the previous matching implementation has some architectural limitations that compromised some matching services at peak times (when contention for slots in online game sessions is high).

Gang Beasts 2xLP Vinyl Soundtrack

For those asking where to buy the Gang Beasts Soundtrack, there is a Gang Beasts Soundtrack page on the iam8bit store have a opened store page for taking pre-orders for the Gang Beasts 2xLP, Classic Black Vinyl by doseone & Bob Larder (with Album  by Fat Knack).

The list of key modifications and fixes made in the Valentines’ build are:

  • fixed an issue that made costumes draw irregularly (when scrolling through multiple custom costumes in succession
  • added a button reference / instruction for setting character or gang controller in online and local game menus
  • added haptic feedback support (compatible controllers trigger force feedback when taking punches, kicks, headbutts, and other blunt force injuries or when grip stamina is close to spent
  • added lighthouse stage
  • added support for restarting the current local game from the in-game pause menu (restarting from the pause menu in a random game session with load a new stage, not the current stage)
  • added Valentine’s themed costume parts
  • fixed an issue that could force UI text and other information off screening some context
  • fixed an issue that could make the wrong networking message show in error in some contexts
  • fixed an issue that erroneously rendered sections of the exterior negative space on incinerator as white
  • fixed an issue that erroneously set the menu context to the costumes menu if the game start timer is cancelled  and the back instruction is submitted from the local or online menu
  • fixed an issue that made the game stall or exit if a client running on an Ubuntu OS is in the game session [Steam only]
  • fixed an issue that malformed the rendering of the disconnection error character graphic
  • fixed an issue that prematurely exposed menu input from the opening logo screens
  • fixed an issue that stopped the selection of head costume parts in some contexts on the costumes menu
  • fixed an issue that triggered the associated character to headbutt when the input for duck / slump is used to exit from the in-game pause menu
  • fixed an issue where members of the same gang can be separated in error in the gang game mode
  • fixed an issue with football game scores incrementing when the ball collides with a goal (if the game ended in a draw)
  • fixed an issue with SFX samples triggered on the last stage persisting to the menu when a game session ends)
  • fixed an issue with the balloon screen showing rows for players not in the current game session in some contexts)
  • fixed an issue with the decrementing numbers starting on a low value (in the local and online game menus)
  • fixed an issue with the fire implementation on incinerator rendering over in-game messaging
  • fixed an issue with the fog and water implementations conflicting to make superficial artefacts [Oculus only]
  • fixed an issue with the railing colliders not syncing erroneously on chutes 
  • fixed an issue with UI information for the current menu or screen failing to dismiss when transitioning to a new menu or screen
  • fixed online syncing issues with some costume parts
  • merged online services for supported PS4 regions to support cross region PS4 game sessions (similar to not setting geographical filters on online dating services) [PS4 only]
  • modified balloon screen to give more contextual information (balloons won in past stages fade onto screen concurrently with the screen blur transition, balloons won on the current stage inflate in place)
  • modified football UI size for legibility to standardise with other UI sizes
  • modified menu camera parameters, menu UI, and transition timings to make standardise immediacy  of menu transitions
  • modified messaging colours to standardise in-game messaging
  • modified session win confetti to pass through character and stage geometry 
  • modified the character colour palette to support 12 colours (blue, brown, green, lime, magenta, orange, pink, purple, tan, teal, and yellow)
  • modified the football game mode to add a golden goal mode if the game timer ends without a winning side
  • modified the glass implementation on elevators to optimise for concurrent glass breaks
  • modified the local and online menus to disable costume and colour selection when a game session request has been submitted to the game session matching service
  • modified the number of voice sets associated with NPC enemies on waves (to standardise voice sets for NPC enemies
  • modified the tolerances for left analogue stick input on menus to improve menu item selection
  • removed modal from input mapping menu to standardise menus