What Platforms is Gang Beasts available for. 

Gang Beasts is available on PlayStation 4, Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux on Steam and the Humble Store, and as an Oculus Early Access game for the Oculus Rift headset.

Is Gang Beasts coming to Nintendo Switch?

We want to release Gang Beasts for the Nintendo Switch but can’t confirm a release or release date currently.

I need technical support.

 Please email support@boneloaf.co if you need support or have questions about the game. For server maintenance announcements and information on server status for the official Gang Beasts Online Multiplayer Servers please see @MeatTelecom on Twitter.

I want to report an issue with the costume system.

We’re aware that some costume parts can cause more or less damage than expected in recent builds of the game, we are currently working on a series of costume fixes to standardise costume system and implement limits to minimise the potential for other costume issues. We have been testing specific fixes for the bull mascot costume and similar costume issues that compromise gameplay and expect to release a new fix in the 1.0.8/1.08 build in January 2019.

What controllers does Gang Beasts support on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux?

Gang Beasts uses the Rewired framework for controller support on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux, the full list of supported controllers for these platforms is maintained by the developer on the Rewired Supported Controller page.

What new content is coming for Gang Beasts?

We’re currently working to standardise game mechanics (specifically inconsistencies with buoyancy, glass fracturing, and railings/fences) and making improvements to the session matchmaker and game servers in preparation for releasing new content; we have test prototypes for new stages, costume sets, and game modes including stage escalations, the playset game mode (a sandbox mode) and a series of improvements to the game.

Can I make YouTube or Twitch content from Gang Beasts gameplay?

 We currently set no limitations on making monetised or non-monetised gameplay content from Gang Beasts.