Information about the next "unstable" alpha (build 0.2.5)

16th June 2015

In the last month we have been working on porting the "buoy, "trucks", "vents", and "wheel" stages to Unity 5, we have also been working a number of new prototype stages and a number of significant modifications to the "buoy", "subway" and "incinerator" stages for the next "unstable" alpha build.

The work is close to finished and we plan to release the 0.2.5 "unstable" build with working versions of the "buoy", "containers", "gondolas", "grind", "incinerator", "ring", "subway", "trucks", "vents", and "wheel" stages and the new "chutes", "elevators", and "towers" stages next week (the new stages coming in the 0.2.5 "unstable" build are shown in the Gang Beasts E3 trailer and in the images with this post).

The 0.2.5 "unstable" build also has significantly updated audio content and experimental implementations of head-butts and dropkicks. The head-butt and dropkick moves have been added to avoid situations where head or feet collide with an enemy or object without taking sufficient damage (head-butts and dropkicks can concuss an enemy but landing them with enough force to be concussive is sufficiently difficult in normal gameplay to not happen frequently).

We plan to make a series of specific forum threads for the new stages, the head-butt and dropkick moves, and other content to collate and discuss feedback and give tutorial information when the build is released next week (a full list of the changes and additions made in the 0.2.5 "unstable" build included with the release post).