Patch notes for the Gang Beasts 0.3.0 alpha builds

17 DECEMBER, 2015

It has taken significant resources to prototype and implement the character customisation system as significant game functionality needed to be rewritten to work with configurable character parts, the 0.3.0 alpha build released with this post, has a functioning character selection screen with a set of sample character costumes for testing (including the existing Kigurumi characters, and a selection from the new Wrestler / Luchador and other miscellaneous outfits).

The 0.3.0 alpha build replaces the 0.1.5a "stable" alpha build as the default build on Steam Early Access (the 0.1.5a build is available for download through the Steam "BETAS" tab as a legacy build for the Early Access community to compare the gameplay, performance, stability, and other game content of the last Unity 4.x build with the Unity 5.x builds).

The 0.3.0 alpha build also replaces the 0.2.6c “unstable” build until the logic for the prototype “break” and “race” game modes is rewritten to work with the character customisation system (the “break”, “race”, “king of the hill”, and “capture the flag” game modes will be exposed for testing in a coming “unstable” alpha build).

The 0.3.0 alpha build also has an improved camera system, a new particle effect system (for the fire on the ‘incinerator’ stage), new post processing and colour grading effects, the first versions of the significantly revised UI and menu systems, numerous modifications to stages (a rebuilt ‘incinerator’ stage, and modified ‘buoy’, ‘girders’, and ‘fans’ stages), and new running, standing headbutt, front slide, rear slide, and sitting character moves.

For reference the full character customisation screen is disabled in the 0.3.0 “stable” alpha build as the UI does not currently protect against conflicts between costume parts, a version of the full character customisation system (with support for saving customisations) will be exposed with other prototype game stages and content in the coming “unstable” builds.

The modifications and fixes made in this build are:

  • added character selection / join game screen
  • added a standing headbutt move (tap the button mapped for ‘duck’ to headbutt)
  • added a running move (hold the button mapped to ‘jump’ to run)
  • added a front sliding move (hold the button mapped to ‘duck’ when running to front slide)
  • added a rear sliding move (hold the button mapped to ‘kick’ when running to rear slide)
  • added a sitting move (hold the button mapped to ‘jump’ when stationary to sit)
  • added a setting for enabling / disabling Xinput (to support more than four Xinput devices to be used concurrently) - this setting has been disabled as more testing is needed
  • added preset Wrestling / Luchador clothing and mask selections (for testing)
  • added preset miscellaneous clothing selections (for testing)
  • added post processing and colour grading to game stages
  • added rebuilt ‘incinerator’ stage
  • added new menu music[]
  • added basic Steam API support
  • added setting to enable / disable exiting the game with game controllers (if enabled press the ESCAPE key to exit to the game menu when in game)
  • modified climbing implementation (to make characters feet contact with surfaces when climbing)
  • modified fullscreen implementation (to test support for Nvidia Game Stream service)
  • modified object and enemy targeting systems
  • modified character system to more accurately identify kill volumes
  • modified B side music for the ’chute’ and ’girders’ stages
  • modified audio levels and triggers replaced previous fire particle effect with an improved fire particle effect
  • replaced the previous game manger systems with rewritten game manager systems
  • replaced the prototype game camera system with an improved game camera system
  • replaced music for ‘incinerator’ stage
  • replaced fade transition implement with a rewritten solution (to fix the transition failure issue)
  • fixed character explosion issues in some contexts
  • fixed music warping transitions
  • removed status bars
  • removed the rear and front railings from the ‘fans’ stage
  • removed stairs from platform ends on ‘subway’ stage
  • temporarily replaced previous water and buoyancy system with a placeholder system (while compatibility issues with the new water and buoyancy system are fixed)
  • temporarily removed the ‘cat’ kigurumi due to an issue with skinned meshes