Patch notes for the Gang Beasts 0.3.1 "stable" and 0.3.2 "unstable" alpha builds

20 JANUARY, 2016

The modifications and fixes made in the 0.3.1 "stable" build are:

  • added specific tests for removing characters forced into tunnels on the ‘subway’ stage
  • modified SSAO settings for each stage
  • modified specific post effects parameters on game menu (to limit the scope of post effects)
  • modified Colour grading for all scenes
  • modified character SFX volumes on the game menu
  • modified the minimum and maximum distance parameters for the game cameras in each scene
  • modified the Unity launch dialogue to not open on OS X by default
  • modified trigger volume detections modified character system to remove characters that become unstable on the 'subway' stage
  • modified train colliders to reduce the potential for erratic physics on the ’subway' stage
  • fixed an issue that could stop character’s from exiting the grab state
  • fixed an issue that could stop character’s from exiting the slump / standing states (if the character enters a concussive state when slumped)
  • fixed an issue that stopped modifications to the graphics settings menu from writing / saving
  • fixed an issue that made the drop kick damage modifier not apply
  • fixed an issue with the AI spawning system in the ‘waves’ mode (which stopped AI enemies from spawning if the game mode is played multiple times)
  • removed the Xinput menu setting (as the menu setting for enabling / disabling Xinput support needs more testing to stop the disabling Xinput process from triggering an exception)

The modifications and fixes made in the 0.3.2 "unstable" build are:

  • added numerous punch SFX
  • added spatialisation to character falling SFX
  • modified / increased brake threshold for grab state
  • modified / lowered character jump height
  • modified / lowered head-butt damage
  • modified / lowered the length of character concussions
  • modified / replaced shaders that demonstrated conflicts with Unity 5.3 / Open GL 4.1
  • modified / replaced the A side and B side music on the “ring” stage
  • modified build number text to ignore image effects on menu
  • modified “incinerator” scene to remove / recycle objects that fall in to fire pit
  • modified character system to limit the number of wall jumps that can be executed in sequence
  • modified the climbing and targeting systems to make executing the rope climbing mechanic easier
  • modified the fire simulation on the “incinerator” stage to ignore collisions (to optimise game performance)
  • modified the lighting in specific scenes to work with the Unity 5.3 lighting system
  • fixed an issue with character idle states not triggering
  • fixed numerous Unity 5.3 stability issues with the fan implementation
  • fixed Unity 5.3 UI scaling issues
  • updated game project to Unity 5.3 (to use OpenGL 4.1 or Metal on systems with OpenGL 4.1 or Metal support)

Please post feedback and game bugs on the 0.3.1 "stable" and 0.3.2 "unstable" alpha build threadif you see bugs in these builds.